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#Impossibilitarian XXIV.  Vanessa Rae Wells
Designer, Interior Decorator, Entrepeneuer and Impossibilitarian. 

Rouz Designs is custom interior and casual fashion design awesomeness at your finger tips. Founded, owned and operated by Vanessa Wells, an extraordinarily innovate designer with an eye for flair, Rouz Designs aims to bridge the gap between the less experienced client with experienced-designer taste. An added touch to the Rouz Designs portfolio are the select one-of-a-kind clothing items featuring designs inspired by African-American popular culture.
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You can wear Vanessa’s genius at Or she can personally design your genius at 

Sean A. Addo is a fifth semester graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he studied motion graphics at the University of Cincinnati, while working as a junior designer creating broadcast packages for several prime time networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and many more, before working at the Procter and Gamble company as a products researcher, and scientist engineer. After taking the time to travel in Europe and rediscover what meant the most to him, he realized that his passion was to help impact the world creatively, and he decided to pursue this feat through film. Sean has established himself as a cinematographer, writer, and director that brings a unique voice to the big screen. His West African roots and his ability to communicate to a western audience, presents a rare cross cultural hybrid of content that is fresh to the ever evolving entertainment industry.

#Impossibilitarian XXIII. Sean A. Addo 
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Artist, and Designer 

Peep his greatness at

Impossibilitarians In Action!! Shout out to Nateah Hatchett and Christina Pointdexter pictured in the top left, this is excellent. 

Photo Credit: Nateah Hatchet 

XXII. Impossibilitarian : Ronald Hart-Brown, 24
Hometown: Dayton,OH
Current Residence: Chicago, IL
Education: University of Cincinnati, ‘2012 DePaul University Master’s Candidate
Videographer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Media Genius 
Impossibilitarian: XXI. Anndréa Moore, 26
Hometown: Columbus,OH
Current Residence: Oakland California
Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati
Googler, mentor, nomad, resume coach, MLTer, and newly admitted MBA candidate, Harvard Business School class of 2016!


This picture depicts a woman of courage and strength. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fearless of her future. For her dreams do come true. Nothing is out out of reach and living beyond her reach will get her further than she will ever believe. She is a mother…a sister…a daughter…a health advocate…a teacher…a student…a listener…a friend…an activist…a poet…a dreamer…beyond anything a believer. She wishes she woke up this way but trust it is a work in progress. Many know her as The Silent Poet while others may know her government Desirae but if she invite you into the soul that embraces her then she will accept Desi.  #art #poet #photograph by @therealgoosby#love

XX. Impossibilitarian Desirae “The Silent Poet” Hosley
Writer, Poet, Activist, Mother, Sister … and the list goes on. 
Photo Source: Facebook

Post 1,000 is dedicated to this picture right here! Many of you would never believe that less than two years ago, I was a HS Chemistry teacher. I look at this picture all the time to remind myself that being a DJ is cool, but my education is more valuable! This just goes to show you to never judge a book by its cover, everyone has a story. #WelcomeToBandcamp #EducateYourself - Earl “DJ BandCamp” Barron

XIX. Impossibilitarian  Earl Barron, bka DJ Bandcamp
Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Current Residence: Depends on the day
UC Bearcat, Musician & Educator turned DJ 
Watch his dreams unfold at 


Deron Hall doesn’t have to look hard to see himself in the faces of the fourth- and fifth-graders surrounding him in a Rockdale Academy classroom.

Hall, 25, a University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music student who grew up in public housing in Wilmington, N.C., cradled his French horn and said, “Music saved me. It allowed me to get away from negative situations I would have been in. I practiced before school, at lunch … after school.”

Hall, founder and executive director of the Cincinnati Outreach Music Project (COR), wants to provide children in Avondale with the same opportunity he had growing up. 


Hall has surrounded himself with like-minded colleagues, including CCM clarinetist Louisa Shepherd, 23, the nonprofit’s publicist and marketing director, who understand the promise of classical music and the need to increase exposure to African-American youths.

“When you put an instrument in a child’s hand, they’re less likely to pick up a gun,” said Shepherd, a native of North Dallas, Texas, and a Baylor University graduate who, like Hall, plans to stay in Cincinnati after her December CCM graduation.

- Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 26 2012

XVIII. Impossibilitarians : Derron Hall, 27 Louisa Shepard, 25

University of Cincinnati College of Consevatory Music Graduates, Founders of COR Music Project


Check out their amazing organization COR at

Photo credit : Cincinnati Enquirer 

“Hearing these children’s voices is important because their presence in this world is important,” said Lwam Eyassu, the founder of the community project. “With knowledge and understanding of different cultures and traditions, we become better citizens of the world.” - Lwam Essayu, Columbus Alive

XVII. Impossibilitarian : Lwam Eyassu 
Creator of 100 Voices/Dimtsi Project, Photographer & Visionary
See through her lens at

Photo Credit: Lwam Eyassu
#Impossibilitarian Justin Christopher
Hometown: Cincinnati,OH
Current Residence: Cincinnati,OH 
University: University of Cincinnati
Area of Impact: Author, The Luxury of Misery, Researcher, and Scholar Activist.
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