Displays of socially responsible, young, Black, genius. May these images dispel the myth of millennial apathy x challenge and equip millennials of color to exercise their imagination to improve their worlds.

Paying it forward: It was the most humbling moment of my life to present my first scholarship to a VERY deserving student of @snpha . I’ve had the benefit of having excellent opportunities in life as it relates to financing my education. Be it family, scholarships, GENEROUS loans, well paying jobs, etc. It’s only right that I begin the process of giving back NOW. No need to wait. To give the next man or woman a chance to pursue their dreams is my pleasure. #cheers

Pharmacist x Hooper x Philanthropist 

Photo Credit: Z. Miller Photography

"I am a self-taught artist. My environment is my canvas. My art is intended to make you think, create dialouges, feel, act…and become aware of how we view history, humanity, and social ills. My mother’s journey inspires me to move. Art is my therapy…”

#Impossibilitarian XXX. Sun Smith, Founder & CEO of Soapbox Tees
Get politically fresh at
#Impossibilitarian XXIX. Khisaun Ferguson, FOUNDER & CEO of Dwllr
Monitor his greantess at :

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LaNier Echols is a former IPS teacher and career educator. She is running for Indianapolis Public  School Board, District 5

#Impossibilitarian XXVIII. LaNier Echols
Support her candidacy via Facebook and at

Priforce is the co-founder of Qeyno Labs, an education innovation startup that works to close the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) diversity gap in K-12 education.

Photo Credit: NPR and JET Mag
#Impossibilitarian XXVII. Kalimah Priforce
Learn more about him:
 #Impossibilitarians XXVI.Charell and Danielle 
Owners of The Honey Hut Beauty Bar Boutique, LLC.
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"We are the cultivators of imagination," 

#Impossibilitarian XXV. Carver Ealy
 DePaul College of Education graduate addressing his classmates during the 2014 commencement ceremonies. (Photo by Jeff Carrion)
#Impossibilitarian XXIV.  Vanessa Rae Wells
Designer, Interior Decorator, Entrepeneuer and Impossibilitarian. 

Rouz Designs is custom interior and casual fashion design awesomeness at your finger tips. Founded, owned and operated by Vanessa Wells, an extraordinarily innovate designer with an eye for flair, Rouz Designs aims to bridge the gap between the less experienced client with experienced-designer taste. An added touch to the Rouz Designs portfolio are the select one-of-a-kind clothing items featuring designs inspired by African-American popular culture.
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You can wear Vanessa’s genius at Or she can personally design your genius at 

Sean A. Addo is a fifth semester graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he studied motion graphics at the University of Cincinnati, while working as a junior designer creating broadcast packages for several prime time networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and many more, before working at the Procter and Gamble company as a products researcher, and scientist engineer. After taking the time to travel in Europe and rediscover what meant the most to him, he realized that his passion was to help impact the world creatively, and he decided to pursue this feat through film. Sean has established himself as a cinematographer, writer, and director that brings a unique voice to the big screen. His West African roots and his ability to communicate to a western audience, presents a rare cross cultural hybrid of content that is fresh to the ever evolving entertainment industry.

#Impossibilitarian XXIII. Sean A. Addo 
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Artist, and Designer 

Peep his greatness at

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